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IDO3D is the world's first 3D drawing brand for kids! Kids can create amazing works of 3D art, by simply drawing, connecting and constructing using IDO3D's 3D pen.

I Do 3D Pens brings 3D pen technology into the world of children’s toys. In the set you’ll receive several pens, a plastic sheet on which your creation will be made, a curing light, and a guide. To make your creation, you “draw” onto your plastic sheet, then dry it with the light. Once it is dry, it can be peeled off and added to other items created using the same process. These can be combined to make elaborate 3D works of art.

A “dog house” for example is created by drawing each side of the structure. Each of these is dried and peeled off, which are then combined together to form a cube.

Although 3D pens are not new, I Do 3D Pens presents the technology in an easy-to-understand package that is well-suited to older kids. 

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